Monday, May 31, 2010

OPA! Diana gets the ring!

(I stole these from her facebook account) Can I get pics Diana- pretty please? :)
This was the first time I had to work with Stephs and to be honest, they were a hella-lotta work. Perhaps I can coax future brides to use something that doesn't require a miniature holding mechanism.

(isn't she purrrdy?)

what free can buy you

approximately 4 corsages, one lovelier than the next.

though I must admit these were cut from my neighborhood and work garden, so truly, had I been caught, these would have cost $50.

cause that's what a vandalism ticket costs.

Friday, May 28, 2010

omgomgomg I am bad at relationships.

because it's been about 3 weeks since my last post- I'M SORRRRRY!
but we've had three weddings and two bridal showers and 7 samples in the meantime so I have lots of pics. We also moved in between these 2 weeks so here are a few pics from my beautiful friend Marci's wedding. Thank you for letting me run around with no direction and buckets of flowers (and a flask) it was the bestest.

I will post the rest in the next few days, as we finally have the interwebs hooked up at home. It has been a Jackson 5 type of week.

and this is what we are really like

Saturday, May 8, 2010

i love my mom. she does't even complain when i leave crumbs on the table.

btw, these smelled so good in my car i wanted to keep driving

Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh to be dating...

I think that's what I miss most about dating. Cute random things like notes and mixed tapes- I mean CD's and stuff like that...Not that Shane isn't awesome (I got the BESTEST necklace and umbrella the other day) but how cute is a 16 year old that gives his lady some stems? ugh, adorable.

For Jake's girl.

You know, I should post a pic of the necklace...

and yes. i know. they are from a camera phone- dammit!


1 & 2: mango spray roses and ranunculus packed in an AMAC box

3: headpiece via RedLeaf Studios

4: I am still in love with the idea of Morrissey singing me this song while I make dinner. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For Mrs. Sherry Goldberg...

I like calling her by her proper name. She's so nice and tiny and musically inclined and really such a lady. I was pretty pumped she asked me to do flowers for a shower since I trust her taste (as much as my own) so here they are- samples for a lovely bride she is "showering".

On another note, I've been a pretty crappy blogger so sorry about that. We've been busy planning and hosting our SECOND Annual 5k for Backbones, the Non-profit Spinal Cord Injury Foundation that we started last year. It was ammmmaaaaaazzzinnnng! such a great turn out. Just, just- perfect.

Here we are- all of our volunteers!