Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I loved, loved, LOVED working with Cheryl and Ed! I met them during the early months of my pregnancy and up until the day of the wedding, we would joke that Wolfy wasn't allowed to be born until the day after.

It was fun to joke about until the actual day of the wedding and then it was game time. I gave Jules a pep talk that morning as we were loading up the trucks, "not today nugget. you can come tomorrow, but not today-ok?". And then off we were on our day long event. I think I held my breath from 9 am to 6 pm that day, until the final candle was lit! Being that this was one of the biggest events we had last year (45 tables I think?? plus 10 bridesmaids, 44 sponsors, etc...!!) I stuck around a little longer to make sure everything was ok. Of course everything went smoothly- this girl had the day planned down to the minute! Things went off without a hitch and I even managed to squeeze in a shower and nap before returning at 1230 to clean up.

All in all, a beautiful wedding. Thanks guys for being so easy and awesome to work with. :)

p.s. I still got 2 weddings in before Jules was born after C+E's wedding. Talk about nuts!)

and these too!