Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011


of nicole and carl's wedding in lake geneva, wi. perfect weather....

for vanessa

look at the subie go! we got rid of the VW and now I get to tote stuff around in wicked fast style with the STI. to be honest, it's pretty scary. 6 gears for a girl who is used to eating/applying make up/talking on the phone while driving, it's a little fast. now i consiously have to be good; serves me right with the baby coming.

these were for vanessa who married a great guy from jersey, after just a year of dating. when you know, you know, right? These are the centerpieces without the blue dendrobiums or the pilsner vases they were to be placed on- which i added at the venue. the subie swallowed 12 of these- can you believe it?