Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Probably had a heart attack.

First, I got ranunculus AND poppies for 6 bucks. Don't know how, but I wasn't going to ask (I suspect donuts for the wholesaler is appreciated). Just say thank you and keep moving.

THEN, I get home and unwrap them to make samples. Je-sus.
Absolutely perfect. Shane laughed when I said it was like floral porn but really, I could not stop staring. Heart was racing, breath shortened, I think my palms were sweaty and then I had to work with the things. Full on heart attack so I just sat for a minute and stared.

Just awesome. God is a pretty cool dude.

Finally I finished and had some remnants (yay!) so fighting off brutus and ranger from them is going to be hard but totally worth it. I think I'll make a bout for me to wear everyday this week...

Ready for the picture overload?

(I'm typing this is in bed, with shane sleeping on my left, brutus on my right and ranger using my legs as pillows. life is good)

From a friend...

had to post these; it's so very nice when florists get flowers. :)

thanks Marci-

Lessons learned:

1. Always make twice as many buttonholes as agreed; there are always 10 extra cousins.

2. Extension cords and venti americanos should be in floral emergency kits.

3. Milk to flour ratio for crepes is very important.

4. Do not rely on your camera phone alone for pictures, doesn't matter if it's 10 mega pixels, it's still a camera PHONE.

5. Getting a smooch first thing in the morning makes your day a lot better.

(like the floral tape on my sleeve?)

(neat little trick with the bouts in the back: wire, wrap and tie them, but leave the stem long until you have to cut it to pin)

Friday, March 26, 2010

husbandly love, circa 2010

just when I was about to complain that he doesn't love me the way "bill loves denise" (my highest love reference between my sister-in-law and her husband), shane shows off his Forza creation: his STI with the Oh My! badge on it. sigh.... true love.

if you have a flower girl...

have her wear one of these! Cause seriously, who doesn't love tulle.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love it when you send me pictures

I do- I love when I finally get a few pics from your wedding and they aren't posed as to remind me of high school senior portraits. These were actually taken by the Bride's super cool uncle (which in my opinion were nicer than...nevermind).

Doesn't he look so happy? I remember being that excited that I could finally live with Shane.

So speaking of happy, here is a recipe for the most amazing little cake pops EVER.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

thanks for the sunshine

something about these make me forget my self-diagnosed
seasonal affective disorder :)

and the last one is for shane, because I’m pretty mean to him if the sun isn’t out.
{i heart you}

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We could nap like Brutus
Have just one more cupcake
Had better pics of these centerpieces (ladies?)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hurry up weekend!

Lots to do this weekend! Bridal shower for an awesome friend, bowling parties, planning over drinks, running with the pooch, yoga teaching, church, the 9-5er, and quality mom-time. Somewhere in there we also have to find time for the men in our lives and try this recipe from Miss. Pickering (you should really start reading her blog- she makes us smile).

I finally started using my date book appropriately, instead of tearing out pages to write down song names I have to download or notes to Shane. Figured it was time since I have dozens of parties swimming around in my head and though I never forget any, I'd die if I did. (hurry up office! we need organization!)

On a reeeally good note- the weather is finally changing!
Chicagoans + 40 degrees = shorts. Laugh it up Californians, but this is serious business. We commence the summer workout routine next week but for now, the lavender cookies I was talking about. (by now you should've clicked the link - hurry!)

Thinking about Morrissey right about now. Wish he still swung around the flowers while he sang- flowers and Moz? Delish.