Sunday, September 9, 2012

a beautiful wedding space and hurried pictures

greenhouse loft
Bears win season kick off game
65 degrees
75 percent flowers picked by yours truly
some off the highway with scissors and a bucket
happy bride
happy groom
happy, hurried us.

for christine and brett. not brad- brett.

Yes, I made that mistake. Hope they don't hold it against me because we realllly liked them! Christine and Brett were referred to us by event planner and former bride(!) Kristine Galli Hankins from Kristine Aletha Weddings , who by the way is EXCEPTIONAL when it comes to reliability, detail, attitude and event planning. Most event planners are pretty cut and dry when it comes to prepping with vendors (which it totally fine; I don't expect to go out for drink after an event) but Kristine really puts in effort to opening dialogue and hammering out specifics. Trust me, if you are looking for a planner, or even just a day of person- she and her team are amazing.

Here are a few of my pics from the day- I can't wait to see the professionals! By the way-the flowers from the centerpieces are missing in these :( we were using the flowers for the backdrop afterwhich we were replaced them in beakers! I swear, they looked cool! Saving money where we can! Again- we'll wait for the proofs :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

for diana

said planter boxes and a ladies' high tea

And a garden arch!

making a mess of shane's workspace...

Sometimes you just have to make things yourself! I've wanted these wooden planter boxes forever and just couldn't justify 15 dollars a piece when I could make them for about 3 bucks. 4 hours at Home Depot, 88 pieces of 2x4x8's, 3 sheets of birch cut to 8x8, stain, a box of # 2 nails and a hot dog later and voila! supplies for 22 wooden planters. and no idea how to make them. couldn't be too hard right?

success. by 2 am. sorry for the wood scraps and dust shaner!