Monday, July 11, 2011

mama stats:

26 weeks
34C (WOO HOO!)
134lbs *
still the same height!
0 days in the second trimester that I've worn pants (yoga pants not included)

muchkin stats

15 inches!
2.2 lbs
moving like a maniac

* I really thought I would have a hard time with the weight thing when I got pregnant. I really think all women do, but something about have no control over your body for 9 months was really the most nerve racking thing about the whole situation.

After numerous hours spent looking in the mirror at my new body, I think I can say I am amazed. Sometimes I look down at my belly in the shower and it kid of freaks me out that there is something LIVING in there- then she moves and I remember "oh yeah, it's Juliette- duh" and then life proceeds like normal. Or maybe I walk past a mirror, catch a glimpse and walk back. Who is this person? It's all so round and squishy and blotchy (yeah- blotchy too) and as much as I think I know my body, I really don't. It changes every day. It is for sure the coolest thing I have ever done. Also the strangest. Sorry Munch- but when you read this in a few years, and more maybe when you are pregnant yourself, you will realize how crazy the whole thing is.

Love you.