Saturday, June 16, 2012

a bright, sunny, lemony, blue and overall fun wedding

and of course- the beautiful bride. I totally snatched this pic from inside while we were setting up. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Opening Party

Definitely not my typical style but when I was presented with a challange to use the venue's existing props with added minimal floral, I was ready for the challange. Our idea was to use floral where it would really pop without saturating the centerpieces in said floral. Now if it were up to me it would have been thouuuuuusands of huge, velvety freedom roses but when you're on a budget- you play it smart.

My qualm with shorter centerpieces is that they tend to be overlooked or under done. This is why the bulk of our floral budget went to the shorter piece- to make it just as special as the 4.5 foot tall feather and rose piece. See what we mean?

sorry for the crappy phone pics- we had two weddings this day and had the camera somewhere in transit :/

for bonnie

Friday, June 1, 2012

i'm getting old.

I'm finding that getting old is just as bad as you think it is. Really. There is no sugar coating trying to remember high school- even college- without coming up with fuzzy memories (and not because of the drinking). So when Andy's prom date's mom asked if Danielle and I were twins- I genuinely felt elated- Four Years Younger- WOO HOO! what's wrong with me?? Oh well- here are Andy's prom pics. What a cutie. :)

* By the way- I felt so bad that Danielle, Andy and I literally bombard a place with how loud we are. Sorry kids!

Don't you LOVE this picture?? I think a prom corsage it one of the first floral gifts a girl ever gets; love it!

does Jeep know what we do with their vehicles?

packem' to the brim!

and still room for a baby :)