Wednesday, November 7, 2012



always hurrying

where's waldo?

Sometimes in a pinch to take a shot of something you like, you have to sacrifice location. Not everything can be perfectly lit... that being said, can you find the flowers?

p.s. Shane hates fernleaf. I always think of that when I scroll through this picture in my phone.

for Jess

and Jake. Two super legit people. Love, Love, Love them. Though I must say it's wild when you happen to be a guest at a wedding where we do floral; I am constantly looking around for details that may need tweeked, candles that might not have been lit, place cards that aren't straight... I probably look like the crazy guest that you don't want to talk to! Best was when a server who I folded napkins with saw me later that night and says " Woah- you look nice now!" Awesome.

pears and pine cones

I could not get enough pics of these! I loved how wild and sprawling they are- kind of draping over the entire table. My kind of flowers for sure.